Slow down your skincare

Switch on your senses

This is your moment

BloomSixteen is a mindful beauty brand that blends intelligent ingredients from nature with innovative formulations designed to bring out your skin’s best. But our secret ingredient? Creating balance through wisdom, and transformation through thoughtful skin rituals that also still the mind and stir the soul. 

Explore our collection of mindful skincare that harnesses pure, potent ingredients, from calming cleansers, skin-quenching serums, nourishing face oils and healing masks that support skin repair. Our innovative formulas, developed in Germany for all skin types, offer multiple benefits and hydrate, brighten, soothe and rejuvenate to protect against accelerated ageing. Our beautiful natural gemstone gua sha tools and techniques will elevate your holistic skincare routine even more.

We believe that skincare is an intrinsic element of self-care and should be a pleasure. So tune in, slow down and spend 16 mindful minutes a day to care for your skin and awaken your senses – and discover the powerful ripple effect. This is your time to bloom.

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Intelligent ingredients

Understand our carefully chosen active ingredients and how they work for you.

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Our story

Our perspective on mindful beauty and letting your radiance emerge.

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The BloomSixteen blog

Mindful musings, skincare rituals and inspiration for self-care.

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