How clean is clean beauty?

How clean is clean beauty?

How clean is clean beauty?

Natural, organic, eco and green are all trendy terms that many beauty companies have implemented into their product marketing to ride the “health wave”, or at least appear to. However, as clean beauty currently has no official definition or regulatory body, many brands have taken it upon themselves to define their clean beauty standards based upon their own agenda. To weed out the inconsistencies of what clean beauty truly means we made our own list of rules that we feel is, well, pretty clean.


Our clean criteria

The ingredients that we put on our skin are just as important as those we consume through the food we eat, so we ensure that our ingredient list contains only safe, clean ingredients. And what constitutes “clean”? For us, clean means an honest list of ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. There are thousands of chemicals that have been detected as carcinogens, pesticides and hormone disruptors and a clean beauty product should not contain any of such. Keep in mind that clean beauty doesn’t require being 100% natural or organic. There are many ingredients out there that are not naturally derived but remain safe and clean. Clean beauty means non-toxic beauty, meaning we are focused on eliminating as many toxins as possible from our daily health routine. 


We have nothing to hide

Our promise is honesty, always. Our list of ingredients and our claim to clean beauty rests on our ability to be transparent with our clients. Our list of ingredients is free of dirty secrets or hidden terms, ensuring our clients apply to their skin only what is placed on the bottle. And this also remains true in our code of ethics. We would feel just as dirty if the production of our products involved harming animals or the exploitation of workers, we produce clean beauty products while maintaining a clean conscious through all our practices.


Clean product, clean planet

Our definition of clean and our promise to be transparent flows through to our commitment to sustainability. To achieve our sustainability goals we use recyclable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic plastic and glass for bottled products. Our intentions are to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible through the production and use of our products, to protect our own health and the health of our planet.


In Short

It is up to us to take action and make the choice to drive our brand to reflect our convictions to health. We cannot depend on rules and regulations and someone telling us to do what is right. We drive change.  We are leaders. It all starts with us, doing the right thing for our health and the world around us. It is our clean health, our clean beauty, our choice, always.