16 minutes mindful skincare ritual

BloomSixteen Mindfulness Ambassador, Athena will take you through sixteen minutes of mindful gestures, calming breathing techniques, and singing bowl mediation. 

Take a moment in your day for self awareness, self nurturing and self love.

Breathe beauty, be beautiful, be BloomSixteen.

BloomSixteen Mindfulness Ambassador Athena Wong

Athena WONG

· BloomSixteen Mindfulness Ambassador
· Lululemon Ambassador
· https://www.athenawong.org/

Athena is a speaker, professional mindfulness teacher, mindfulness-based emotional intelligence trainer and healer, a certified social worker, a certified yoga instructor, and a regular columnist, dedicated to helping people create meaning and well-being in their lives while promoting mindfulness and meditation practice in their personal and professional space. 

Step 1. Deep cleansing

Active Cleanser with MicroSilver BG
AHA Face Toner

Step 2: Guasha & eye massage

Pure Argan Oil

Guasha Faciail Lifting Tool

Step 3: Wash off mask

Signature Mineral Mask

Step 4: Face massage with serum/cream

Pro-Collagen Treatment Serum

24/7 Avanced Repair Cream