The 360° on Sustainable Beauty

The 360° on Sustainable Beauty

Reducing our environmental footprint is something many of us challenge ourselves to do better with every day. We are more conscious of our decisions and more knowledgeable about the impact our choices have on the future of our planet. So what do we do at BloomSixteen to honour our promise to the planet?


The ingredients speak for themselves

We stay true to our list of ingredients. Our clean beauty products contain a multitude of vitamins and plant extracts and are formulated for optimal skin health. While ingredient regulations remain loosely controlled, our promise stays firm - safe, sustainable, non-toxic, honest clean beauty, always.


Produced with care, packaged with love

We work with production companies that take pride in their practices ensuring our products are produced with sustainability in mind. This means taking cautious steps from the laboratory production line all the way to shipping products to our clients. We do this by using less packaging, heavily reducing the use of plastics, particularly single use plastics, and the reduction of waste all around by re-using materials as much as possible. We think about the full lifecycle of all materials we use, keeping our environmental impact as low as possible.


Leading change

We have the right to choose. Our decision toward how we create our products and the impact the creation process has on our planet is one of our own. We can choose to do our best, lead by example and drive change. Leading others to engage and follow a trend for good.