Skincare that works. Rituals for radiance.

Like you, we’ve been looking for skincare that really works. But if we’re truly alike, we want something that goes a little deeper. We want the products we use on our skin to deliver the best results, and the time we spend caring for our complexion to be more meaningful.

BloomSixteen is a collection of mindful skincare and beauty tools for conscious living. We believe in clean beauty, balance and sustainability, and draw on the value of Eastern wisdom, intelligence of nature and power of science.

We believe that small acts of self care, such as nourishing our skin with healing ingredients, with gentle care and attention, has a powerful ripple effect.

The spark for BloomSixteen came at a pivotal point for founder, Vicky Xu. A life-saving moment after the birth of her youngest child led to an aggressive skin reaction, leading to months of discomfort. Her search for a more natural and sustainable solution led her to potent and pure ingredients as well as game-changing formulas that trigger skin repair and protection against accelerated ageing. The result was BloomSixteen’s signature collection of highly effective, natural skincare for our unique complexions, but remains gentle on sensitive skin.

Today, BloomSixteen uses carefully sourced, high-grade natural ingredients and innovative active ingredients that work in harmony with your skin to cleanse, hydrate and heal. Our high-performance formulas, developed in Germany by the industry’s best, work beautifully as part of a holistic self-care routine. We complement ours with the age-old Chinese practice of gua sha: the gentle application of pressure to stimulate the skin’s own cleansing system and reduce puffiness and inflammation.

But here’s the real secret ingredient: Vicky’s own restoration and healing came from an intentional daily skin routine that combined the right active ingredients with more mindful moments of stillness, compassion and gratitude.

Our name, BloomSixteen, reflects the need to slow down in order to accelerate your skin’s evolution into its best state, no matter your age or stage. We invite you to transform your skin routine into a daily ritual, and an act of self care – because real radiance isn’t just about what you put on your skin, it comes from self nourishment. 

Join us in spending 16 precious minutes a day slowing down and engaging your senses while you cleanse, care for and protect your skin. By planting these seeds of self care, we all bloom together.

About our founder, Vicky Xu

Vicky has enjoyed a multifaceted career as an accomplished entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist whose special interests span lifestyle, art and equestrian sports – which stems from her deep love of horses. As a mother of four, she’s passionate about cultivating a holistic approach to beauty to help the next generation reap the mental health benefits of self-care, acceptance and attunement. She attests to the transformative power of slowing down and tuning in through her own daily rituals for calm, and planting her own seeds of self care in an inner garden of  compassion. And this, she says, is where she finds real beauty. 

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