As a conscious beauty brand, we’re proud of our ethically made products and strive to minimise our impact on the environment. Here’s our vision.

From the creation of our signature products to the moment they arrive in your hands and nourish your skin each day, we want to leave a positive impact on our community, and the world we live in. We’re taking positive steps towards our green goals – here’s how we’re doing it. 

Our sustainable packaging

We’re committed to finding the perfect balance of functionality and sustainability, and continue to keep environmental considerations in mind when choosing how to design and package our collection.

We use both recyclable clear glass and an exclusive violet glass developed in Europe for our skincare collection. Violet glass is a powerful light filter, helping to protect our high-potency formulas from sun exposure to preserve natural ingredients and prolong shelf life and efficacy. Ensuring that you get to use every last drop in its best state, and avoid waste, is important to us.

We have opted for Kraft paper for our boxes, which is recyclable, durable and treated with fewer chemicals during its production process. It’s naturally biodegradable too – it breaks down in just a few weeks, and is compostable.

We’re also proud that all of the pumps that feature in products such as our Pro-Collagen Treatment Serum, Active Cleanser with MicroSilver BG™ and AHA Face Toner are recyclable too. 

How we work

Our habits in the workplace matter too. To help minimise our carbon footprint at BloomSixteen HQ, we reduced our paper consumption by digitising all files for storage, and use recycled paper only when it’s necessary to print documents. We also reuse stationery and provide e-business cards. As part of our green office management processes, we’re mindful of switching off air-conditioning, computers and lighting when they are not in use, and are always looking for more ways to move towards becoming a carbon-neutral business.

We’re constantly evolving and excited about the ways we can make a positive impact – watch this space as we announce more about meaningful partnerships and BloomSixteen’s contribution to a sustainable future.